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Waterfalls in Croatia

November 16, 2021
plitvice lakes croatia
Croatia waterfalls amaze the tourists with their prominent features and their numbers.
There are plenty of discovered waterfalls flowing in the territory of Croatia.
Croatia is a country of unparalleled charm and situated on the northern coast of the Adriatic Sea.

Its charming beaches, enchanting islands, beautiful rivers of clear water, and attractive waterfalls in these rivers make it a great tourist destination.

When it comes to waterfalls in Croatia, most of them are located in the National park, Plitvice Lakes, and Krka National park.
Read the complete guide about Croatia waterfalls, find their locations, and check the best way how to get there.

List of 27 The Best Waterfalls in Croatia

Krka National Park

1. Skradinski Buk

skradinski buk krka waterfalls
Close to the town of Skradin, the Skradinski Buk flowing in the mighty mode.
It contains twenty different waterfalls, having a height of 300 feet covering an area of more than 2500 feet which is almost half a mile.

Regardless of its size, it doesn’t have any dangers and it’s one of the best places for entertainment in Krka national park.

Its exceptional size makes it the largest waterfall of the Krka National park.
The panoramic boat cruise provides a ride from Skradin town to the Skradinski Buk Waterfall as well.

The best way to explore Skradinski Buk Waterfall is to book a Krka waterfalls tour from Split.
It’s about an hour and a half long trip, from Split to Skradin town, from where the boat awaits to Skradinski Buk.

2. Cascades on Roski Waterfall

roski waterfalls krka national park croatia
In the wild beauty of Krka national park, the Roski waterfall showers its pearly water droplets and calms the hearts of viewers.
It’s the conjunction of twelve different waterfalls and the falling height is about eighty feet deep, while it covers the area of two thousand feet.
The existence of this majestic waterfall spreads happiness in the wilderness.
It is among the most visited waterfalls in Krka national park and in Croatia.

3. Waterfalls at Skradin

skradin waterfalls krka national park
Another loving site of Croatia waterfalls, the waterfalls flowing close to the entrance of Krka national park near the town of Skradin, welcomes the tourists with their warm and crystal-clear water.
Advantage of its close location to the town, the waterfall is usually crowded during summers.

4. Miljacka Waterfall

miljacka waterfall
The hidden beauty of the Krka national park.
The Miljacka waterfall cannot be accessed easily.
The only access is via the road of hydroelectric plant situated close to the waterfall.
Furthermore, there are several caves close to the Miljacka waterfall.
During the time of high waters, such as in summer, the water usually goes through the caves.
It’s risky to explore these caves during such a time.

5. Manojlovac Waterfall

manojlovac waterfall
Manojlovac waterfall is situated nearby Miljacka waterfall.
During the summer, the surface of the water goes down due to the need for water supply for the nearly located hydroelectric plant.
Besides, there is a trail with a viewpoint along with the Manojlovac waterfall.
Furthermore, there was a historical plaque placed next to the viewpoint.
It is said that it was installed by Joso Modric in 1899.
In the late 19th century, Austrian emperor,
King of Czech and Croatia-Hungarian visited this lake and admired its scenic view.
The height of Manojlovac waterfall is almost 200 feet.

6. Bilušića Buk Waterfall

bilusca waterfall
Bilusica Buk is known as the first waterfall of the Krka river and it’s also a part of Krka national park.
It is situated to the west of the Knin town.
Having a height of 65 feet, it flows in two main steps.
There are several fields of agriculture in Krinsko Polje village, which is located next to it.

The strength of the water in Bilusica Buk was too extreme that it could cause floods and damage the sites of cultivation in the village.
To solve this problem, in 1834, 1895, 1953, and 1954, the water flow was reduced by redirecting it in separate ways. But still, there is a massive water flow in Bilusica Buk.

Waterfalls in Croatia Plitvice National park

7. Great Waterfall (Veliki Slap)

veliki slap plitvice lakes
Veliki Slap is the highest waterfall in the rich land of Plitvice national park.
The park itself is an attraction for tourists from almost every part of the world, the presence of eye-catching views of waterfalls made it heaven on the earth.
Veliki Slap is also known as the great waterfall due to its height and majestic glimpse.
The height of the waterfall is more than 250 feet and falls along the Korana river.

Moreover, Veliki Slap has multiple features, during the summer its milky shower surrounded by massive greenery dazzles the eyes, while in winter,
the falling water transforms into crystal bars and the surroundings change their appearances into different colors.
According to the tourists’ views,
Veliki Slap is the most beautiful waterfall in the Plitvice national park.

8. Sastavi Waterfalls

plitvice lakes national park
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Sastavci waterfall is situated right before Veliki Slap and falls from the height of 85 feet.

There are many viewpoints on surrounding trails, where the Sastavci waterfall can be seen in different directions and in different appearances.

Furthermore, the Veliki Slap falling right behind the Sastavci waterfall can also be seen from some specific points.
This scenic glimpse of two great waterfalls together captivates the hearts of the viewers.

9. Pevalekovi Waterfalls

pavlekovi waterfalls plitvice lakes
The natural beauty of the Plitvice national park keeps surprising with its one charming scene after another.
Pevalekovi Slap has exceptional appearances.
There are semicircular hills from where Pavalekovi slap falls.
The sky view of the lake represents it as a crescent on the earth.
Pavalekovi Slap is made up of several small waterfalls like showers installed naturally and falls from the height of 50 feet into a small lake of clear and fresh water.

10. Mali Buk Waterfalls

mali buk waterfalls
The series of natural wonders of Plitvice national park has not ended yet.
Mali Buk waterfalls are another part of that series.
Along with its charming glimpse and enchanting views, it also has some exceptional attributes.

The Mali Buk waterfalls are located in the upper lake part of Plitvice national park.
From the point of the ferry dock, it’s half a mile walk away. Most people prefer close points for fun, that’s why Mali Buk is usually not so crowded.

Due to its distant location, people avoid visiting it.
But if someone likes to entertain himself in a peaceful environment, the Mali Buk waterfalls are one of the best choices in Plitvice national park.

11. Milke Trnine Waterfall

milke trnine waterfalls
Milke Trine waterfall is a series of small waterfalls flowing among the little barriers of rocks and small plants and trees.

It is situated at entrance no. 1 of the Plitvice national park.
These tiny waterfalls welcome the visitors with a glimpse of their pearly water and a lake covered with a layer of gradient blue color.
The Milka Trnina waterfall was named after a famous opera singer Soprano Milka Trina in the late 19th century.

Rastoke Waterfalls in Croatia

12. Rastoke

rastoke waterfalls
Other waterfalls in Croatia in the wilderness of Plitvice national park, just like the Mali Buk waterfalls,
the Rastoke waterfall is also situated in a remote area of the Plitvice national park.

The Rastoke falls come into existence by a merger between Korana and Slunjcica rivers.
It is located in the northern area of the national park about an hour’s drive away from the main area.

Due to its loneliness in the wildland, its attributes are more natural than others.
If you have an adventurous spirit and want to discover the hidden wild beauty, Rastoke falls would be among the best places.

13. Hrvoje’s Waterfall

hrvoje waterfalls
Most of the landscapes of the world have been there since the beginning or are centuries old.
But there are some strange facts about some of the Croatia waterfalls, one among those waterfalls is Hrvoje’s waterfall.

Historical evidence says that there was extreme ice melting in 1914, due to which huge limestones collided and accidentally created the Hrvoje’s waterfall.

Besides, there’s a legend of love between 2 people who could not succeed in love with this mysterious waterfall that this waterfall was named by the young man Hrvoje who jumped into the depth of the water after losing his hopes.

14. Fairy hair waterfall

fair hair waterfall
The magical appearance of the Fairy hair waterfall forces the mind to believe that there is something distinctive from the rest of the world.
The visuals of flowing streams of the waterfall create an illusion, the waterfall looks like a white silk blanket and produces a silver glow.
These visual effects together create a fictional environment and spread happiness.
Apart from this scenic view, there is also a legend reflecting the appearance of the Fairy hair waterfall.

The legend says, the very first residents of the area of Fairy hair waterfall are fairies,
they have been living here for centuries, they had silver hair like the glow of flowing water.
During the nights when everyone is asleep, they dance on the cliffs and ride horses.

15. Buk Waterfall

buk waterfall rastoke
While describing the splendid Croatia waterfalls and in Rastoke, Buk waterfall cannot be skipped.
Though it’s not too high or vast like other waterfalls it has some admirable scenic views that cannot be neglected if seen.
It is said that, if there wasn’t an ice melting incident or rocks colliding in the early 20th century, the height of the Buk waterfall would be larger.

Because the incident increased the mass of the water in the Korana river which consequently reduced the height of Buk waterfall.

However, the surrounding scenery of Buk waterfall is still as precious as gems.

Istrian Waterfalls in Croatia

16. Gologoricki dol Waterfalls

gologoricki waterfalls
While describing the splendid beauty of waterfalls in Croatia, it’s a region of Istria that cannot be ignored.
Indeed, Istria has a series of some eye-dazzling waterfalls. Gologoricki dol waterfalls are a part of the series.

It’s located near the town of Cerovlje, surrounded by farms and tiny villages,
which provides a chance to witness Croatian culture and tradition closely while enjoying the natural environment of Gologoricki dol waterfalls.

Furthermore, the location is easily accessible, there are several routes available for buses, horses, or walk from those villages.

17. Butori Ponor Waterfalls

butori ponor waterfalls
One more masterpiece crafted by the nature in the region of Istria. Making its place among the panoramic Croatia waterfalls,
The Butori Ponor Waterfall is located at the center of Istria in a tiny town or village of Momjan. It falls in the river of Ardila from a height of 30 feet.

There are some historic castles and churches in the surrounding areas.
Furthermore, the scenic view of Butori Ponor waterfalls also represents the historical landscape view like mysterious places shown in historical and fictional movies.

A showering stream of milky water sinks into a small pond and changes its color into a mixture of ocean blue and aqua green colors.

The trails leading to the waterfall are safe and secured, as well as there is an ample selection of hotels and restaurants nearby.

18. Sopot Waterfall

sopot waterfall
Sopot waterfall is located in Labin, Istria.
The waterfalls from the height of 100 feet into the deep pit, where the water stores and forms a lake of dramatic scenery.
It’s believed that the area of Sopot waterfall was hidden under the ocean centuries ago.

Plenty of evidence of sea fossils found after its exploration. This unique story about Sopot waterfall makes it an archaeological and historical site and gives it a distinctive identity among other Croatia waterfalls.

There is plenty of evidence to be studied.
Moreover, the Sopot waterfall is situated in the middle of the forest in the dense greenery.

19. Butoniga Waterfall

butoniga waterfall
Magical sceneries of Istria continue, the Butoniga waterfalls are also situated in central Istria on the southeast part of central Istrian hills.
Butoniga waterfall falls is an artificial lake, which was made in 1988 for the reservoir of freshwater for the towns and villages in Istria.
That’s why diving, swimming, and fishing are not allowed but there are several trails for hiking and some viewpoints for the visioning scenery of Butoniga waterfall.

20. Kotli Waterfalls

kotli waterfall
A hidden treasure of Istria and the most beautiful, loving, and famous Kotli waterfalls fall into Mirna river.
The river flows through the village that is abandoned for 40 years but became an attraction for the hunters of natural beauty.

There is an old water wheel that was used to supply water to the houses in the village.
Kotli waterfalls are a collection of 7 different waterfalls that are flowing in the river Mirna.
There is also a trail that goes through all seven waterfalls and can be crossed within five hours of walk.

The water becomes high during the autumn and spring season, while it dries out strangely in summer.
That’s why the best time to visit the Kotli waterfalls is in spring and it usually is crowded during spring and summer.

21. Zarecki Krov Waterfall

zarecki krov waterfall
Croatia has a rich land in terms of rivers and waterfalls. Zarecki Krov is also a part of the series of great waterfalls.
It is located on the Pazinicia river.
Pazincia river has unique appearances which make it and its waterfalls different from other rivers.

The river water made spaces underground in several points and shaped them as caves under the river.
The Zarecki Krov waterfall falls over one of these caves surprising its viewers with its scenic view.
Furthermore, almost every waterfall in the Pazincia river falls in the same form.

Mrežnica River

22. Milkovića waterfall

milkovica waterfall
There are uncountable discovered waterfalls in Croatia, but the river Mreznica alone is on another level.
It contains more than 90 waterfalls.

Their sizes aren’t that large as the waterfalls of Krka national park and Plitvice lakes national park,
but their charming appearances have the ability to wipe out the griefs and to fill joy in hearts.

Milkovića Waterfall is the most famous and impressive waterfall in the Mreznica River.

Surrounding barriers of limestones covered by moss, colorful trees, and plants and its fresh and clear water enhance its mysterious beauty and compel its observers to admire its miraculous attributes.

Zrmanja River

23. Visoki Buk

visoki buk zrmanja river
The never-ending series of Croatia waterfalls presents another amazing sight catching site.
Visoki Buk is one of the marvelous waterfalls falling into the river Zrmanja.
The height of this enchanting waterfall is about 35 feet.

The falling water from Visoki Buk carved the surface and shape it into a splendid valley, through which water flows and sinks into the Zrman River.
Behind the waterfalls, there are mighty mountains decorating the area with their impressive existence.

The sky view of Visoki Buk represents it as an island in paradise.

Moreover, the water depth in the canyons right after the waterfall is compatible with floating boats.

There is also a trail that starts from the nearly located Golubic village, and there are several viewpoints on the trail to enjoy the scenic views of Visoki Buk along with other sceneries.

Cetina River

24. Gubavica waterfall

gubavica waterfall
Gubavica waterfall is the collection of two waterfalls;
Velika Gubavica which is 160 feet high and Mala Gubavica with a height of 23 feet.

The waterfalls located in the village of Zadvarje which is situated the east of Split.
These waterfalls are surrounded by mighty mountains, caves, trails, and valleys.

During the rainy season, the volume of the water in the Cetina river and in the Gubavica waterfall increases impressively.
The water flows from every valley and caves down to the river through the waterfall.
Regardless of its height, diving, swimming, and fishing are safe and full of excitement.
There are also some viewpoints located on different trails, each viewpoint represents a distinctive view of Gubavica waterfall.

Knin Waterfall

25. Krčić Waterfall

krcic waterfall
With an hour drive from Krka national park, right to the south of Knin field,
the Krčić Waterfall falls in where Krcic river merges into Krka river.
The Krčić river is about ten kilometers long and ends with sinking into the Krka river.

The scenery of the whole water of the Krčić river falling from the height of about 70 feet into another great river encompassed by the mighty green mountains, attracts the attention of every tourist or passing by the traveler.

Other Waterfalls in Croatia

26. Zumberak’s Great Waterfalls

zumberak great waterfall
While exploring the great Croatia waterfalls, the waterfalls hidden in the secret caves of majestic mountains should also be reviewed.

There are plenty of beautiful hidden waterfalls in the Zumberak nature park located in the mountains of Zumberak.
The Veliki Slapovi Zumberak is one of the loving waterfalls among them.
Due to its specific location in the mountains, it is surrounded by numerous caves and trails.
The trails are as adventurous as scenic.
The Veiki Slapovi Zumberak waterfalls are commonly famous for hiking and exploring.

27. Strbacki Buk

strbacki buk waterfalls
Among the wonderful Croatia waterfalls in different locations,
Strbacki Buk waterfall lies in UNA national park, more specifically on the merger point of borders of Croatia, Bosnia, and Herzegovina.

The Strbacki waterfall flows among the splendid greenery and clear view of majestic mountains in the background.
These preferences of Strbacki Buk make it an ideal point for photoshoot and filming.
The waterfall falls from a height of 80 feet and spread over the vast area of UNA national park.
Due to its height, it’s known as the tallest waterfall in the UNA national park.


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