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March 31, 2022
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The Blue Lagoon is not a usual tourist attraction that can be seen everywhere in the world. This place was created with the true tourist in mind. Even in Croatia, the blue lagoon is incomparable. Blue Lagoon outranks the majority of the tourist spots in Split Croatia, whether it's because of its geographical location or its peaceful environment.

Everything you need to know about the Blue Lagoon is provided in this article.
If you want to book a Blue Lagoon tour from Split, this article will prove to be very helpful for you.

This wonderful spot is located on the south-east side of the famed Drvenik Veliki island, facing the south-east islands of Otocic Krknjas Mali and Otok Krknjas Veli. Another huge island, Solta, is located to the south. If you drive from Split, you will pass by the beautiful medieval town of Trogir and the bay of Kastela on your right. The water in the blue lagoon is too peaceful, thanks to the natural surrounding creation of little islands.

Tourists that have already visited this beautiful location consider it to be the best. This is because Blue Lagoon is truly unique. In this article, you'll find everything you need to know about the Blue Lagoon, its attractions, and what to do there.
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History And Geography

The Croatian Island of Drvenik Veli is located in the Adriatic Sea, southwest of the well-known city of Split. The island's overall size is 12.07 sq km, and it is mostly flat with a few hills.

The only population near the island is about 150-200 people located near St. Nicholas Church. The island was properly occupied in the 15th century, but a record of early inhibitors was discovered in Croatian papers in the 13th century, and it was referred to as Gerona.

People who had lost their lands in wars and fleeing slaves took shelter here to save their lives, but they always moved as soon as they were safe, until the 15th century when it became a permanent home for them. People turned their profession to fishing and farming for survival.

Life On Drvenik Veli Island

The island is not overpopulated, the total number of residents is estimated to be less than 200, with the majority of them being elderly people who like spending their time peacefully breathing fresh air. In the mornings, most of them are busy producing, harvesting, and refining olive oils using particular methods.

Furthermore, the local young population frequently visits the islands during their vacations to enjoy a peaceful time away from the city noises and for relaxation.

They spend their days having adventures, swimming and snorkeling in the beautiful clear blue ocean, and participating in traditional professions with their families.

Dalmatian dialect or Dalmatic is the local language of the Dalmatian islands and is referred to as Placa which means flat because it has a flat surface except for a few hills.

Marine Life In Blue Lagoon

The Adriatic Sea is known for its historical places, as well as the freshness of its water, and several unusual sea animals and plants.
There are 7000 sea animal species and 6000 plant species in this sea. The majority of the species can only be found in deep waters.
Also, the blue lagoon area contains numerous underwater hidden caves. You can see some of these caves while snorkeling.
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Annual Weather Of Drvenik Vali

Drvenik Veli Island has perfect weather for tourism, which is why it has become so famous since it officially launched as a tourist destination.

The island of Drvenik Veli has four seasons: winter, spring, summer, and rainy season. The weather on the island is cold and unproductive from October to February.
As soon as spring arrives in mid-March, you can see blossoming trees and plants all around the island. From the beginning of May until the end of September, this season merges into summer. Crop and fishery production rises during these months, and tourism revenue reaches its peak.

Then, in August, the monsoon begins and lasts until winter approaches. During the winter months, wind pressure and sea wave height normally increase, and the wind blows stronger in the afternoon, which the locals name Mestral, whereas the morning weather remains peaceful and is pronounced bonaca, which means very quiet or without waves.
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Best time to visit Blue Lagoon

It depends on your personal preferences, as each season in Blue Lagoon has its unique attraction. In general, the best time to visit Blue Lagoon is during the summer months. During the winter, the blue lagoon sees almost no travelers as the weather becomes harsh and the sea becomes dangerous to travel in.
However, the best time to visit Blue Lagoon is between April and September. If you want to spend your holiday on Blue Lagoon with a large group of people, June, July, and August are the best months to visit. After September, the monsoon season begins on Drvenik Island, making travel unsafe.

Travel Time & Route

Blue Lagoon is considered a distant tourist destination, it is dependent on where you station yourself.
People usually travel to Blue Lagoon from Split, the distance between the two places is around 14 nautical miles, and it takes up to an hour to reach the destinations by speedboat. If you are traveling by a simple boat or a slower ferry, traveling time will be 2 to 2:30 hours, because the ferry drops off on the northern part of the island so you will have to take a local bus or cab to go to the blue lagoon.

In terms of distance, the best route from Split is to pass by Ciovo Island to the southwest and continue until you see tiny islands to the north. Following the line of tiny islands, you will see Drvenik Veli Island, a huge island to the south. Furthermore, there is another way that is divided into three phases: first, you must travel by boat to Solta Island, then by road to the island's western side, and lastly by water for 15-20 minutes to the blue lagoon.
If you don't like long maritime journeys, you can shorten them. Take a cab or your vehicle to the Ivana Pavla II motorway, which will take you to Trogir, where you can book a boat to the Drvenik Veli Island, passing through the Uvala Jelinak Veli Island.

Best Place As Station For Blue Lagoon Trip

As long as you're in Croatia, you can station yourself wherever you like. However, there are two places where you can easily get a blue lagoon.

Trogir is famous because of its historical places. Another one is Split which is most recommended because many tourist attractions in Croatia are easily accessible from Split, including islands, national parks, and historical monuments.
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How To Get To The Blue Lagoon

Traveling to the blue lagoon has been much easier than in previous years. Many travel agencies now sell a variety of packages at different rates depending on the needs of travelers.

However, there are various options for getting to the blue lagoon. You have the option of going it alone or being escorted by a squad. Both approaches have their charm. We'll guide you through both procedures.
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Private And Public Tour Of Blue Lagoon

It doesn't matter wherever you station yourself either in Trogir or Split. On a private full-day tour, you must hire a speedboat with a skipper to transport you to the blue lagoon and brings you back.
That will be a little expensive process. 
However, if you're traveling with a small group of three or four people, we recommend a Split to Blue Lagoon half day tour. Still, the decision is yours to make. 
There are two sorts of group tour services; Split and Trogir.
You can find more information about routes and prices on their official website.

Safety And Precautions Of Travelling

It is always best to take extra precautions before going. Always choose the greatest service, the best-conditioned boat, the captain who is genuinely an expert in his skills and good professional guides while going sea traveling, because these aspects count for 70% of the safety. After that, have a look at your own suggested inventory, if you’ll need a swimsuit, sun cream or lotion, money to buy food, goggles, and your medicine.

Furthermore, live jackets and snorkeling masks are provided by the trip service provider. Because this journey will last an hour, you should be making yourself comfortable.

There are no harmful species in the Adriatic Sea, particularly in its Dalmatian region. It is noted for its colorful and innocent animal species. When you step onto the Drvenik Veli Island, the real fun begins, but your safety should always come first, don't get too excited, and always follow your guides' advice.
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Activities On The Island

Get some rest first, then prepare to dive into the ocean in search of the blue lagoon's mysterious treasures.
The live jackets and snorkeling masks will be provided, so grab your gear and get ready to discover marine life.
Because of its crystal-clear pure water, Blue Lagoon is one of the best spots for snorkeling. But don't get too thrilled, because water magnifies everything.

If you don't know how to swim correctly, we recommend avoiding this risk and always following your guides' recommendations. You'll also have plenty of time to walk around the island, enjoying the breathtaking beauty and embracing the everlasting peace.

Food And Beverage

Because food isn't normally included on tours, you'll have to pay for it. And it's understandable that you're starving after a long journey. So, get some food and beverages and relax while you eat.

Drvenik Veli island has just two restaurants due to its remote location. If you want to try delicious Dalmatian Seafood, go to Knoba Krknjasi, where they serve the best-tasting grilled and fried fish along with spicy sausages.

While if you want some fast food, take a seat at Shkoy Beach Club they serve burgers, fries, pizzas, soft drinks, cold drinks, and more. You should consider eating seafood as you’re on an island with a maritime climate.

Returning Journey

It’s time to return but not empty-handed after spending time in the blue lagoon with unforgettable memories.
You've enjoyed a beautiful view, had a good time, and have a lot of fond memories. As your boat approaches the blue lagoon, you'll most likely be thinking about returning to this location.
Everyone who visits once in a lifetime feels the same way you do. Why not, after all? The Blue Lagoon has everything a tourist could ever desire. That is why while returning from the blue lagoon might be difficult, you have a long life ahead for coming back whenever you want.
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